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Apple city in the
middle of the mountains

Something like this can be briefly described as Almaty - the southern capital of Kazakhstan. It is surrounded on all sides by the majestic ridges of the Trans-Ili Alatau, which can be reached within minutes

Of course, the city itself is beautiful, and despite the fact that its age has exceeded 1000 years, it looks very modern.

Here everything is done on a large scale, with chic and brilliance, but the ancient streets have been preserved, where there is no noise of cars and time seemed to have stopped a couple of centuries ago. There is plenty of entertainment for every taste: from visiting historical and sacred sites to the amusement Park at the top of a mountain.

But it is worth coming here not only for the city's adventures - Almaty's suburbs are incredibly rich in natural attractions.

Charyn canyon with its Valley of Castles, Burkhan Bulak waterfall, one of the largest in Kazakhstan, Kolsay lakes high in the mountains, Kaindy lake and sunken forest, Turgen waterfalls in a picturesque gorge, Singing Dune at a height of 150 meters, rock paintings of Tamgaly Tas - all this and much more awaits travelers here.

1,8 million

Capital of the country
until 1997

Almaty -
Родина первых яблоневых деревьев

Highest skating rink in the world
Medeo (1691 m)

Green city
80m2 trees
per 1 citizen

All climat zones
From deserts to snowy mountains

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Tours in Almaty

1 day|from 120 KZT
(ru) Алматы

(ru) test

3 days / 2 nights|from 120 600 KZT
(ru) Алматы

Almaty is my first love

4 days / 3 nights|from 341 570 KZT

Tour of the Southern Capital — Almaty

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4 days / 3 nights|from 3 112 200 KZT

Weekend in Almaty

3 days / 2 nights|from 41 040 KZT

Tour to Almaty – city of apples!

4 days / 3 nights|from 305 KZT

Exploring Southern Capital of Kazakhstan (Group tour)

6 days / 5 nights|from 274 200 KZT

Almaty: feel the contrast of nature

1 day|from 4 002 KZT

Immersion in the culture of nomads

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SKYWAY places


“Kremlin wall”

“Issyk” Winery

The city of Nomads

Park named after the First President

Turgen gorge

Ushkonyr Deltadrom

Sunkar Falcon Center

Chundzha Hot Springs

Kapchagay reservoir

Lake Balkhash

Petroglyphs of Tanbaly

Aktau chalk mountains

Lake Issyk

Kolsai Lakes

Charyn Canyon

Big Almaty Lake


Shymbulak ski resort

Medeu skating rink

Lake Kaindy

The Caspian Sea is the largest inland body of water in the world at 371,000 sq km and it borders Kazakhstan on the west. It is rich in sturgeon, a fish prized for its world’s famous caviar.

Singing Dune

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