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This deltadrom is located in the Alatau mountain ranges to the south-west, 40 km from Almaty, at an altitude of 2 km in the highland plateau of Ushkonyr. At the moment, it is the largest among existing deltadromes in the CIS countries and offers its visitors the opportunity to admire how people in balloons, hang-gliders and paragliders soar up and down, changing the usual blue color to the sky in bright colors.

Stretching 500 square meters. km it attracts the most talented athletes to these regions to identify the strongest in international competitions, such as: the championships of Kazakhstan and Asia, the CIS cups for over 20 years.

A distinctive and attractive feature for flights is comfortable high-altitude launches, a large number of safe areas and calm weather.

A large number of extreme, preparing their equipment for flight, and young people celebrating their first balloon flights for this area - a simple routine. The opportunity to feel weightlessness and a bird's-eye view makes travelers come to this region from all over the world.

Flight on a hang glider can last 30 minutes depending on weather conditions, and usually takes place at an altitude above 800 m. The temperature at the altitude becomes lower, so it is advisable not to forget warm clothes.


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