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Lake Balkhash is located at the border of 3 regions: Karaganda, Zhambyl and Almaty. The shape of the lake resembles a crescent and stretches along the Alakol-Balkhash basin. It is a perennial lake and is the second largest in Kazakhstan and 14th in the world.

The uniqueness of Balkhash lies in the fact that the water in its western part is fresh and muddy, and in the eastern - salty and clear. Thanks to the narrow isthmus Uzynal, only 4 kilometers wide, the water almost does not mix. Due to this peninsula, which is only 4 kilometers wide, the water almost does not mix.

On the coast there are hotels, rest houses, motels and campgrounds. On the lake you can ride on a boat, go surfing or underwater hunting. Balkhash is a warm lake, the water temperature in summer rises to 28 ° C. Swimming season here is from May to September.

In the summer, fishermen come to Balkhash – there are more than 20 types of fish live in the lake. For fishermen there are several fishing bases on the coast where you can stay in guest houses. And in the fall, the hunting season begins in Balkhash - wild boars, hares and ducks are found here.

You can get to Balkhash from different cities on your own vehicle, as well as on buses and trains. From Nur-Sultan through Karaganda, about 600 km and 9 hours on the way. The distance from Almaty to the city of Balkhash is about 640 km and 9.5 hours of a journey. You can also reach the village of Lepsy, which is 420 km from Almaty in 8 hours.


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