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At 50 km. from the village of Chundzha, Almaty region, there are hot springs with different temperature, which allows each visitor to find a comfortable source for himself!

These sources have temperature gradients from 20 to 100 degrees Celsius and differ as warm, hot and very hot. Chundzha is not only hot springs, but also stunningly colorful landscapes and a calm atmosphere with clean air, which will give an inexpensive, but at the same time a great rest for both the body and the soul.

Previously, the sources were known as "radon", but now they are called "mineral", because the water contains not only radon, but also a large amount of minerals and salts, which favorably affects the skin and is used to treat various diseases of the digestive system and liver, kidney and has a good effect on the body as a whole. Near the source there is a sanatorium and a recreation center.

On the way back to Almaty, you can see the Charyn canyon, often compared with the Grand Canyon in the United States and referred to as its younger brother. The uniqueness of these canyons is a grove of relic Sogdian ash, which is found only in North America, as well as incredible landscapes and an amazing “Valley of Castles”.

You can get to the hot springs in 4-5 hours on a private car. You can also take a bus from the Sayakhat bus station in Almaty to hot springs or by taxi. There are a large number of recreation areas: Lux, Village, Tumar, Arman, Rakhymzhan, Kara Dala, Mirage, Premium Spa Resort, Kashgar, Rakhat Kuduk, Omir Soo, Raduga, Oasis and others will give the opportunity to spend a holiday with good for your body.


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