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The world famous ice skating rink "Medeu" dates back to 1949. Named in honor of the village volost Medeu Pusurmanova and located at an altitude of about 1700 m.

The monument of architecture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and one of the largest high-altitude complexes for winter sports with a total area of the rink - 10 500 sq.m. The construction of a full-fledged alpine complex began in 1970 and included more than 1,300 people. The ice arena is illuminated by 1600 spotlights. In 2001 and 2008, Medeu was reconstructed, new refrigeration equipment and major re-equipment were installed on the eve of the Winter Asian Games 2011, lighting systems, visualization and sound systems were changed, the number of places in the hotel complex was increased, and a fitness center was built. At the same time, up to 3,000 people can ride on the ice arena. In 2011, the cable car to Chimbulak with a length of 4,500 meters was built, which allows you to reach another point in 15 minutes and will provide an opportunity to admire the colorful landscapes of mountain landscapes.

Here competitions are held in such disciplines as figure skating, hockey and speed skating, as well as the skating rink is called the “sports record factory”, since all of the time more than 200 world records were set. The first official competitions began in 1951. The unique nature is beautiful in any weather and offers its visitors a view from the summit, where you can climb the ascent ladder, located on the slope of the mountains.

You can get to the rink by public bus, taxi and private car. Near the complex there is a large parking. Getting there by taxi to Medeu from the city center will take about 40 minutes. The popular Yandex.Taxi service also works here, as well as local transport services.


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