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Perhaps this is the most suitable area for those who like to travel a lot and enjoy outdoor activities.

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East Kazakhstan region

Something like this can be briefly described as Almaty - the southern capital of Kazakhstan. It is surrounded on all sides by the majestic ridges of the Trans-Ili Alatau, which can be reached within minutes.

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Imagine that you are in a very long ride on the steppe terrain, and neither the end nor the edge is visible in the horizon. And suddenly, out of nowhere, beautiful houses and glittering skyscrapers rise, and the city’s landscapes, which are familiar to the eye...

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Astana (ex-Nur-Sultan)

If you are eager to see stunning alien landscapes - welcome to the wonderful world of Mangistau region and Ustyurt plateau. This place is completely different from the natural terrain of other regions of Kazakhstan...

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Mangistau region

South Kazakhstan most resembles an Eastern fairy tale, mainly due to the Turkestan region. Here, perhaps, the most historical and spiritual values are concentrated, awing tourists.

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Southern Kazakhstan

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Need to know

2 725 000 km²

18 million

Nur-Sultan (Astana)

Official languages
Kazakh / Russian

Time zone
UTC +05:00/+06:00

Kazakh Tenge (KZT)

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About Kazakhstan

The system of ancient caravan roads leading from China to the countries of the Middle East and Europe

Kazakhstan is located in the heart of Eurasia. Here, in an unusual way, antiquity and modernity, eastern traditions and western modernism intertwined with each other.

Endless steppes, majestic mountains and crystal lakes, the Great Silk Road, the Baikonur cosmodrome and the ultra-modern capital - Nur-Sultan - all this is Kazakhstan.

Since independence, the development of the country has been leaps and bounds. Just look at modern Nur-Sultan to see this.

At the same time, in remote regions, travelers can discover the untouched nature of Kazakhstan: deserts, ancient cities, beautiful, almost alpine landscapes. Today, Kazakhstan provides almost all existing types of tourism - educational, entertainment, historical, ethnic, ecological and others.

For tourists, a large number of travel routes throughout Kazakhstan are offered. In the fertile oasis of the southern steppes, at the junction of nomadic and sedentary civilizations, the most ancient cities of the world existed.

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What is Nauryz and how to celebrate it?

Merry holiday New Year love and celebrate in a big way around the world, and in some countries, holiday holidays last up to two weeks (or even longer). But most of the peoples of Asia are still lucky twice as much - according to the Eastern calendar, it is customary to meet the first minutes of the new year on the day of the spring equinox.

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What is the taste of Kazakhstan? A detailed guide

Kazakh cuisine is really amazing – it doesn’t have a large number of sauces that can change and improve any dish and neither has many spices; its charm is in the purity of the flavors, variety of cooking methods and amazing combinations of tastes.

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Kazakhstan is a country of contrasts

In Kazakhstan, absolutely everything amazes and delights: it is so huge that the endless steppe, the mountains, propping up their snowy peaks in the clouds, the deep canyons with caves, the lifeless desert, where you can hear only a quiet whisper of sand, all perfectly coexist with each other.

Kazakhstan is an amazing country of nomads, eternal wanderers, reincarnated into a modern powerful state, with a stable developing economy and a confident future, but at the same time retaining the charm of antiquity and a unique identity. You should definitely come here to feel its powerful energy, immerse yourself in a journey through historical places and just enjoy your vacation in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!