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This is the main park of the southern capital of our country - Almaty, with a total area of 73 hectares, where more than 10,000 trees and 400 shrubs, perennial and annual flowers, a large number of alleys and fountains are located, is a venue for large-scale events and has its origins since 2001. Here is an oak tree, planted personally by the first President of Kazakhstan, N. A. Nazarbayev, which is still growing now. And only 10 years later, the park was officially opened to the public in July 2011. The park is a favorite place for city dwellers and is also a great place for leisure and sports in the open air. Family walks among firs and birches, admiring the squirrels and birds of this park, a simple routine for the citizens.

At the entrance to the park, semicircular decorative columns with sculptures of golden vases were built. The largest fountain of the city is located here and represents an interesting spectacle, because it is a whole attraction from a jet of water, which is also highlighted in the evenings, which gives even more entertainment. The fountain program includes 6 classical works of famous composers.

Right behind the fountain there is a monumental - sculptural composition "Kazakhstan". The shape of the monument is made of bronze, marble and granite in the image of an eagle. The figure of the First President is depicted on the central part of the monument, and on the wings are the symbols of the cities of Almaty and Nur-Sultan.

Popular attractions of the park: ethnogarden "Zhety Kazyna", opened in 2014, the main theme of which is the seven treasures of the Kazakh people; Japanese garden with Japanese sakura, cherry, maple, pine and tree peony; topiarny garden - green sculptures created by professionals from ornamental plants; The alley of lovers is a romantic place where there is a bench of reconciliation and a stone made in the shape of a heart. A beautiful view of the mountain peaks of Tien Shan can be seen from a viewing platform located on an artificial hill at a height of 30 meters.


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