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At 10 kilometers from the border with Kyrgyzstan, in the Kolsai gorge there are three alpine lakes - Kolsai Lakes.

These lakes are located at different altitudes surrounded by mountain peaks and firs.

The lower lake is located near the village of Saty, at an altitude of 1818 meters above sea level. The water here is cold even in summer, not higher than 8 °C. The depth of the lake is 80 meters. The second lake is located at an altitude of 2252 meters five kilometers away - this is the largest of the three lakes. It is called Mynzhylgy.

Even higher - at an altitude of 2850 meters - three kilometers from Mynzylgy, among the steep cliffs hid the third lake - Upper Kolsai. This is the smallest Kolsai lake.

The water in the Kolsai lakes is clear, emerald green. Rainbow trout is found here. Fans of active rest set up tents on the lakes or stay in guest houses in the nearby village of Saty.

The road to the Kolsay Lakes takes 5-6 hours, so we recommend a two-day tour with accommodation in the village of Saty.


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