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The only falcon in the country “Sunkar”, which means “falcon” in Russian, was established in 1989 and is located about 10 km from Almaty in the Big Almaty gorge.

The main goal of the Center is to breed red-listed birds, which are released into the wild after adaptation. For all the work of the farm, more than 850 falcons were bred and released. Birds are represented in the amount of 450 individuals of birds of prey: in the form of several species of falcon, golden eagle, black vulture, eagle owl, and buzzard-kurgannik. The uniqueness of the farm is that such a collection of purebred falcons is not found in any other farm in the world.

By visiting the center, you will have a unique opportunity to become a participant in a spectacular performance demonstrated by birds of various ways of hunting small game under the guidance of a falconry ornithologist. How the white-tailed Orlan catches fish, how the Snow Vulture dances and much can be seen only at the Falcon Center in Almaty. The falcon is the fastest bird in the world, its speed reaches up to 320 kilometers per hour. For a long time the Kazakh people had a custom to take dogs for hunting - Tazy, which in Russian means “clean”, which you can also see here. This place is also a black wolf kennel.

Also, work is under way to restore the disappearing nut grove, which was planted by just one person about a century ago. Different types of walnut were planted here from all over the world. However, years later, the trees began to die. In the Falcon center, seedlings are grown from the fruits of nuts and planted in the month of May. For all the time it was planted over 300 rare types of walnuts.

Next to the farm there is a hotel in which: a restaurant and a heated swimming pool, gazebos and yurts, a sauna, billiards, a summer terrace and a celebration house. The nursery offers for its visitors to rent horses, on which you can go to the waterfall, excursions around the territory of the center, inspect rock paintings (petroglyphs) and much more.


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