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Even the most sophisticated history buffs will appreciate the trip to the Tamgaly tract. Located 170 kilometers from Almaty, near the village of Karabastau in the Zhambyl region. Here a unique treasure of world importance is hidden - Tanbaly Petroglyphs.

Petroglyphs Tanbaly is the oldest art monument depicted on the rocks of Semirechye, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004. World famous this place is obliged to these petroglyphs (rock carvings made with metal tools and stones) - the most important and quantitative types of monuments of the tract.

Rocky canyons and the valley had an important place in the ritual life of many peoples who lived in these lands for centuries, as a venue for ritual ceremonies, magical rites, worship of gods and ancestral spirits.

The main gorge of this ancient painting gallery contains about 2000 images of gods, warriors, images of sacrifices and hunting scenes. The main rock paintings belong to the Bronze Age and are made in the Sakian style. However, there are petroglyphs in age up to the XIII – XIV centuries of our era.

The famous museum of the veneration of the Mother “Anaga Kurmet Murazhai” located on the way to the petroglyphs, is located on the territory of the complex in the colorful foothills of the Alatau.

On the way back we offer you to admire a unique show of birds of prey, which is arranged in the famous Kazakhstan falcon center "Sunkar". Here, birds of prey show various ways of hunting under the close supervision of an ornithologist expert.


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