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Surreal beauty

If you are eager to see stunning alien landscapes - welcome to the wonderful world of Mangistau region and Ustyurt plateau. This place is completely different from the natural terrain of other regions of Kazakhstan, for the most part due to the fact that almost all of this huge area was, once upon a time, the bottom of an ancient ocean.

As it retreated, the wind and time turned the sediments into something unimaginable.

For example, the Valley of Castles of Ayrakta, consisting of remnant mountains, resembling snow-white castles or bones of huge animals, Sherkala Mountain, more like a flying saucer, the Boszhira tract, an ivory-colored ridge surrounded by a huge canyon, the Karynzharyk depression with its five pyramidal hills in the midst of a sparkling salt marsh.

At sunset, these landscapes are painted with all the colors of the rainbow, creating such pictures, that are breathtaking even for experienced travelers.

After admiring this surreal beauty, one can go to the shore of the Caspian Sea, breathe the fresh salt air and relax in the warm water.

But not only the local nature is amazing. There are several mosques and mausoleums, where thousands of pilgrims from all over the world come every year. It would seem that nothing is unusual about it.

Well, only that all of them are situated deep underground - underground mausoleums Shopan-Ata and Sultan-Epe, underground mosque Beket-Ata and a few others. This is a sacred place with a very powerful energy, where anyone can pray and ask the ancients about something intimate.

Biggest in the country
Sea port

Underground mosques
Carved into rocks

The first industrial nuclear power plant
On fast neutrons in the world

The city desalinates the water
of the Caspian Sea

The largest in the world
Uranium quarry

The longest in the country
Beach season

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Shahi-Zinda Mausoleum complex

Bibi-Khanym mosque

Ulugbek observatory

Ichan-Kala fortress

Registan square

Tashkent TV tower

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