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1 day Space landscapes and treasures of Mangystau

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The stony deserts of the Mangistau region stretch 400km east from Aktau to the Uzbekistan border. This labyrinth of dramatic canyons, weirdly eroded, multicoloured rocky outcrops, mysterious underground mosques and ancient necropolises is only beginning to be explored, even by archaeologists. A minor branch of the Silk Road once ran across this inhospitable wilderness, and centuries-old sacred sites – some with strong Sufic associations – are located where people buried their dead or where holy men dwelt. The underground mosques may have originated as cave hermitages for ascetics who retreated to the deserts.

Nature has generously rewarded Kazakhstan with stunning landscapes. But many of the those the most majestic and picturesque ones are located far in the west of our country and are hidden well.
Best time to visit:
April-May-in the steppe is very beautiful! and the flowers are blooming and everything is green and fresh, not very hot and cold, and smells of wildflowers in the steppe.

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