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In the valley of Mangistau, on the Tupkaragan Plateau, a view of the narrow chalky Kapamsay Canyon unexpectedly opens up.

Silvery, creamy, and sometimes dazzling white walls of the canyon reach 70 meters in height. At the bottom of the canyon, among the giant boulders, cars with tourists look tiny. The scale of the stones is impressive - a rare traveler does not pose against these giants.

In the Kapamsay Canyon there is a huge grotto - like a green oasis in the middle of the rocks. In the arch of this grotto, the rain waters pierced a hole, and here a small grove with mulberry trees formed. Even on hot days there is shade and coolness. Eagles circle above the canyon - their nests are hidden in rock niches.

According to archaeologists, at the foot of the chalk cliffs of the canyon, a narrow and deep river flowed. In addition, there were workshops for the production of silicon tools in these places. Today, the Kapamsay canyon is admired by travelers from different parts of the world.


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