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The Karagiye valley is the lowest point in Kazakhstan and is located 50 km from Aktau on the endless Mangyshlak Peninsula. The name comes from the Turkic word "Karakiya", which translated into Russian means "kara" - "black” and "kiya"-"steep hillside ", which rather accurately reflects the character of this valley. Also, the locals call it "Batyr", translated into Russian "Warrior". At the bottom of the valley there is an almost dried relict lake "Batyr". However, it is impossible to get close to him because of obstruction in the surroundings.

Karagiye stretches for 85 kilometers in length and up to 25 kilometers in width and was previously part of the Caspian Sea. According to archaeological data, the occurrence of the valley is associated with phenomena characteristic of this region of the Caspian Sea, known as karst.
Groundwater in these places, seeped deep into the earth and for centuries dissolved rocks. The result of this phenomenon was the formation of underground voids, a grotto and caves, which collapsed under their own weight of sandy layers and filled with crushed rock. The depth of the valley has reached more than 130 meters below sea level and continues to increase.

Photographs taken from space showed that the Karagie dry trench plays the role of a natural creator of heavy clouds: as a result of the rising air flow, many kilometers of rain clouds stretch over the trough.

You can reach the valley in about an hour by car from the center of Aktau. However, this path will not be easy, because the path to the bottom of the valley is rocky and steep. The city of Aktau can be reached by train from different cities of Kazakhstan, and the international airport receives flights from Russia, Turkey and Georgia.


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