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Pilgrims from all the surrounding regions strive to get into the underground mosque Beket-Ata at any season of the year, because there is a legend among the people that by mentioning only the name of Beket-Ata you can save yourself and your loved ones from harm.

The mosque is located in Ogland in Mangistau region. It was built by a Kazakh religious Sufist, prophet and enlightener Becket Ata.

According to legend, Beket Ata built 4 mosques in the regions of Atyrau, Mangyshlak and Ustyurt. The largest of them is an underground mosque located in the Mangystau region in the Oglandy tract.

In this underground mosque, carved into a high rock, Beket-Ata founded Sufi school. Here he taught literacy, read sermons and helped with wise counsel. Underground mosque was his last refuge.

The lobby of the underground mosque is illuminated through a window in the center of the domed ceiling. There are amazing acoustics everywhere, allowing prayers to spread into every room. In the mosque there is a prayer hall and the burial place of Beket-ata.

Traditionally, on the way to the underground mosque pilgrims visit the necropolis of the sage Shopan-Ata, who was revered by Becket-ata.


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