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On the very shore of the Caspian Sea, on the Mangyshlak peninsula, the endless steppe suddenly ends with a huge basin of Zhygalgan. From Kazakh, Zhygalgan means “fallen land”. Here there was a colossal geological landslide, impressive even to the most sophisticated travelers.

The Zhygalgan basin stretched for 10 kilometers in diameter and represents the ruins of a limestone slab, which was previously the surface of the Tupkaragan Plateau. As a result of karst phenomena, a giant layer of limestone collapsed, forming a pile of cracked slabs of massive blocks.

The steep rocks of the hollow reach 50 meters in height and continue to crumble — on the edges of the Tupkaragan Plateau, you can see separated rock protrusions and the falling down stones.

From the top of the plateau, as if from a viewing platform, an amazing panorama of the Caspian Sea opens up. On the coast, among the huge stones there is the beach - an amazing place where tourists pitch tents and admire the wildlife.


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