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Tour program

1 day Check-in hotel

2 day Walking in religious places

3 day Free day before departure

SKYWAY tours

What is included


  • Accommodation for 2 nights in the selected hotel on the basis of breakfast;
  • Transfer Airport Turkestan - hotel - airport Turkestan;
  • Transport services;
  • Services of a professional guide during excursions;
  • Entrance fees to facilities during the tour;
  • Water.

Not included:

  • Lunches and dinners;
  • Personal expenses.

SKYWAY tours


The city of Turkestan is one of the oldest cities on the Great Silk Road, which is over 1,500 years old.

Upon arrival, you will be transferred to the hotel and have free time to relax.

The next day, our journey will begin with a sightseeing tour. The whole city consists of historical buildings, because it was the spiritual and political center of the Turkic people. And some pilgrims believe that three trips to Turkestan are equal to one small Hajj in Mecca.

Speaking of Islam. Another important Islamic mausoleum in Turkestan that we will visit is the resting place of Saint Arystanbaba, the teacher of Khoja Akhmet Yassaui. The legend says that the prophet Mohammed himself called Arystanbabu to convey a blessing to the young Yassaui. Here you can also see an amazing example of the Koran - it is displayed under glass.

Further, our path lies in the Otrar Settlement. The ancient city (4th century BC) was a major center of trade on the Great Silk Road. It is famous for its mint, huge library, and is also the birthplace of the great philosopher Abu Nasr al-Farabi. Today, these ruins are a kind of open-air museum.

Finally, we will visit the mausoleum of Ukash Ata. According to the legends, it was a brave warrior, at whose resting place the mausoleum was erected. Pilgrims come to the saint's mazar to pray to him, and also to receive healing from illnesses thanks to the water from the holy well. They say that if a person manages to scoop up water from the bottom of a well, he is destined for happiness. Not everyone succeeds, so the pile of buckets formed next to it resembles an interesting art installation.

We depart on the third day - rested and full of new impressions (and photos).

SKYWAY tours

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