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    Country of the Eastern Fairy Tale

    Uzbekistan is not a classic tourist country with a standard set of entertainment, but an ancient and distinctive land, most of the attractions of which originated thousands of years ago.
    It is unlikely that you will see such cordiality and large numbers of sincere smiles anywhere else - the Uzbeks are amazingly hospitable and very open people.

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    Trip to Kyrgyzstan

    Kyrgyzstan is a real storehouse of attractions, entertainment and adventure for every taste and budget! Everyone is welcome here, no matter how much he is willing to spend. Coming here on vacation, do not even think about just lying on the beach all the time - try to delve into this country, get to know it better, visit as many attractions as possible. You will not get a chance - you will be fascinated!

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    What is Nauryz and how to celebrate it?

    Merry holiday New Year love and celebrate in a big way around the world, and in some countries, holiday holidays last up to two weeks (or even longer). But most of the peoples of Asia are still lucky twice as much - according to the Eastern calendar, it is customary to meet the first minutes of the new year on the day of the spring equinox.