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  • Accommodation at the hotel on the basis of breakfast;
  • Excursions according to the program;
  • Transfer airport-hotel-airport;
  • Transport services on the days of excursions;
  • Russian speaking guide;
  • Entry tickets:
  • Water.

Not included:

  • International flight;
  • Insurance;
  • Personal expenses;
  • Additional excursions;
  • Alcohol;
  • Meals lunch, dinner - 8-10 USD.

SKYWAY tours


The mausoleum was erected over the grave of the famous religious mystic Arystan Baba, who lived in the 12th century. The first building of the mausoleum belongs to the XIV-XV centuries. Carved wooden columns of the aivan have been preserved from it. Currently, the mausoleum is one of the Muslim shrines of Central Asia and is a place of pilgrimage. According to legend, Arystan Bab was a companion of the Prophet Muhammad. An in-depth tour of the epigraphy of the mausoleum.

We recommend everyone to start exploring our ancient city with the tour “Kone Turkistan”, which managed to become a bestseller in such a short time! This is an opportunity to experience 2200 years of development of Turkestan in 3 hours, in those days when it was still called Shavgar and Yasy. You will see a fortress built in the 2nd century BC at the dawn of the Silk Road, visit the fire temple of Kangyuev and a medieval bathhouse, go down to the Hilvet underground mosque and, of course, visit the famous mausoleum of the great Sufi Khoja Ahmed Yasawi.

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TEST Turkestan tour.
Accommodation in Grand Villa 3*
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TEST Turkestan tour.
Accommodation in Hampton 3*
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TEST Turkestan tour.
Accommodation in Karavan Saray 5*
152 530 ₸
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