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On the border with China, Russia and Mongolia, at the foot of the northern slopes of the Sarymsakty mountain range lies a unique area - Katon-Karagai. The nature in these places impresses even the most sophisticated travelers.

The mountains covered with emerald forests, surrounded by fast rivers and alpine meadows are the home for the famous Altai maral - a wild red deer. The horns of a young deer - antlers - are highly valued in Eastern medicine. It is In the antlers of the deer accumulate biologically active healing substances.

In the Katon-Karagay National Park there is one rare type of agriculture is developed - maral breeding. The farm breeds marals, where you can see how antlers are cut. On the basis of an extract from the neo-stiffened horns of the deer, local health centers carry out health-improving procedures — antler baths and inhalations based on panto-containing products.

On the territory of this district are the Katon-Karagay State National Natural Park and the Markakol Reserve.

In the Markakol reserve there are marals, elks, bears, ermine, sable and other rare species of animals.

In the Katon-Karagay National Natural Park there is the Yazevoe Lake and the highest in Siberia and Altai – Belukha mountain, with a snow-white peak of 4506 meters high. And nearby there is the mountain Berkutaul which is the second most popular peak of the Southern Altai after Belukha, at a height of 3373 meters above sea level.


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