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Perhaps this is the most suitable area for those who like to travel a lot and enjoy outdoor activities.

It is here that you can observe the gradual change of all natural areas that exist in the country - from semi-deserts and clay canyons to mountain ranges with Alpine meadows and impassable coniferous forests.

The main interest for tourists here is precisely the diverse and amazing nature.

For example, just an hour's drive from the regional center (the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk) there is an amazing place - a complex of five small lakes, nestld in the middle of mountain gorges.

Driving closer to the border with Russia, you can see the highest point of Siberia and Altai - the mystical mountain of Belukha.

And there are a lot of similar places, which affect with their energy and beauty: Alakol lake with its colorful water and black beach, Rakhmanov springs with healing thermal waters, Bukhtarma water reservoir (one of the five largest in the world!) and much more.

One of the biggest in the world
Bukhtarma reservoir

Highest mountain mosque
(1 760 meters)

Forest reserves of the country
70% of trees

Geographical center
Of the Eurasian continent

Water reserves of the country
40% of water

Biggest nuclear polygon of the USSR
Semipalatinsk polygon

SKYWAY tours

Tours in East Kazakhstan

4 Days / 3 nights|106600 KZT

Weekend in Almaty

1 Day|from 28900 KZT

Excursion to the Korgalzhyn nature reserve

2 Days/ 1 Night|14500 KZT

Tour to the hot springs (on Saturdays)

1 Day|12100 KZT

Following the antiquity

1 Day|10 500 KZT

Excursion to Assy plateau and Turgen waterfall

2 Days/ 1 Night|24 000 KZT

Excursion to the Tekes waterfall and Tuzkol lake

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SKYWAY places


”Baikonur” cosmodrome

Shahi-Zinda Mausoleum complex

Bibi-Khanym mosque

Ulugbek observatory

Ichan-Kala fortress

Registan square

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