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The mausoleum is located in the main historical center of the Turkestan region in the city of Turkestan, which in ancient times was a city on the silk road - Iasi. Not for nothing this architectural work is considered the eighth wonder of the world and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Palaces and temples are the pearl of the Middle Ages and the spiritual center of all Turkic peoples.

Construction of the mausoleum began in the XIV century. at the burial site of the world famous Sufist and Islamic poet Khoja Ahmed Yassavi, who died in 1166. The Mausoleum is truly beautiful and massive and erected by order of the founder of the Timurid Empire - the Great Timur, the construction is timed to the victory of the Great Timur over the ruler of the Golden Horde - Tokhtamysh. The shape of the mausoleum is rectangular with domes. The domes are erected in brickwork and are one of the largest in Central Asia.

The architecture of the mausoleum, made using the most advanced technologies of the time, is a unique phenomenon. During the construction of this building, Persian architects used many innovative solutions in architecture and construction, which were used in the construction of the capital of Samarkand and the Empire of Timuride. The shape of the mausoleum is rectangular with dimensions of 46.5Х46.5 m, the height of the dome is 44 m. The main shrine of the mausoleum is the "Thai Kazan". This huge thicket is made specially for Great Timur and is made from 7 metals, also decorated with ornaments and the year of production and the inscription: “Be blessed” and “Kingdom of Allah”.

Any believer going to Turkestan believes that it is impossible not to visit the main attraction of this region - the mausoleum, erected in the name of the spiritual mentor of the Turkic peoples, who became the founder of the spread of the Islamic religion in Central Asia. Until 1988, the thicket was part of the Hermitage exposition, but after it was returned to the mausoleum.

You can get to Turkestan by bus and train. To get to the mausoleum is not a problem because it is in the city and for visitors there are local buses and minibuses, as well as local taxi services.


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