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The mausoleum was built in the XII century. and is a cultural heritage of the country, located in the village of Aisha-Bibi, 17 km from the ancient city of Taraz in the Zhambyl region. Among the people there were many legends about the love of Aish-Bibi and the ruler of Taraz Karakhan.

One of the most popular states that once, the ruler of the ancient city of Taraz, Karakhan, asked her hands from his longtime enemy, Sheikh Aikhodzhi, who rejected his request. Having learned about this, Aisha-bibi fraudulently went to Taraz. Unfortunately, Karakhan couldn’t see her after that, as she died on the way from a poisonous snake bite.

In place of the death of her beloved, on the orders of Karakhan, a mausoleum of incredible beauty was erected. Due to the lack of information on construction, it is still a mystery what famous architect erected this building.

In the center of the mausoleum is a tombstone. The western side walls and columns are covered with thin tiles and consist of three parts and to increase the strength of the walls and columns, the inner part of the wall is framed by a juniper tree. The outer surface of the mausoleums is decorated with carved stones that are attached to the rear hinges.

Aisha-Bibi Mausoleum is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is very popular among locals. People believe that those who visit the mausoleum will live a happy life. The main visitors are newlyweds from nearby regions.

You can get to Taraz both by plane and by train, trains from different cities of Kazakhstan arrive here, and the international airport of the city is located a short distance from the village of Aisha-Bibi. The mausoleum is located next to the Babaji Mausoleum in the village of the same name, which can be reached by bus Taraz - Aisha-Bibi or use taxi transport services. The mausoleum is open to visitors from 08:30 to 20:00.


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