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If you are crazy about the mountains, love hiking or horseback riding in breathtakingly beautiful places and always looking for new locations for great photos - you definitely need to go to Kegety gorge.

Many people call it the most beautiful in Kyrgyzstan and it is quite justified. It is here that a huge number of natural wonders are concentrated, which at first glance conquers the heart of any traveler: a stormy mountain river Kegety, a valley with alpine meadows and forests, where you can eat plenty of sweet ripe berries and pick up mushrooms, an incredibly picturesque 20-meter waterfall and much more.

Also close to Kegeta there is another gorge with a very salty lake Kol-Tor, whose waters change color from azure to brownish-green, and you cannot drown in it.

What is most important is the relative ease of local routes - you can easily get here without much equipment and physical training, but believe me, the views that open here will lead you to complete delight! And it is not at all necessary to risk this by conquering impregnable peaks.

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