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Sunny city
in the Chuy valley

At an altitude of almost a kilometer above sea level, at the foot of the majestic Kyrgyz Alatau, stretched the main city of Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek. Most of the year the sun is warm and bright, and in numerous parks lush greenery is blooming.

Despite the fact that Bishkek is quite young and does not have old historical sights, there is something to see here - numerous sculptures, museums, parks, galleries, theaters and tourist complexes.

The surroundings of the capital will delight you with incredibly beautiful nature and breathtaking mountain landscapes. In the upper reaches of the Alamedin River, the picturesque Chunkurchak Gorge, where the eponymous ski resort is located. And the largest botanical reserve Chon-Aryk, striking a variety of endemic species of flora and fauna, is located in the Besh-Kungei valley. You can make amazing pictures on the background of waterfalls in the Kegety gorge, and treat your health at the geothermal sources of the Ak-Suu field.

Literally 20 minutes from the capital, in the depths of the juniper forests, on the banks of the Chon-Tash River there is another ski resort, which is popular among tourists and locals in winter and summer. The Koguchken-Sugat waterfall rumbles nearby, the most beautiful tracts of Kara-Bulak, Ooru-Sai, Bir-Bulak and other amazing places attract with its landscapes.

Not so far from the city, you can stumble upon the real antiquities, for example, the ruins of the ancient city Balasagun (XI century) with the legendary Buran tower, rock paintings in the Chumysh citadel, the Buddha image in the Issyk-Ata petroglyphs and much more.

The economic center
of the country


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