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Many centuries ago, during the heyday of the Great Silk Road, on one of its caravan roads stood the great city of Balasagun, the capital of the Karakhanid Empire.

Time did not regret the city, turning most of the buildings into ruins, but its main attraction is preserved - the pompous and majestic Burana tower.

There is more than one legend associated with its origin, and archaeologists still do not know for sure whether it was part of a minaret or a separate building.

There are a lot of brick foundations of houses, bathhouses and market squares around it, suggesting that Balasagun was a very large and developed city.

The passage through it of caravans with foreign goods is confirmed by the findings of various coins, jewelry, ceramics and other products, often of European origin.

The Burana Tower is a small but very atmospheric museum, where you can see many interesting artifacts and listen to interesting stories about the origin and history of the ancient city.


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