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Named after the eponymous river, the Jety-Oguz gorge is one of the most recognizable mountain attractions of Kyrgyzstan.

Travel lovers come here to see for themselves the incredible natural landscapes, so bright and colorful that you can even doubt their natural origin.

A ridge of seven red rocks, 37 kilometers long, creates a stunning contrast with the lush greenery of Tien Shan fir trees and alpine meadows.

In the summer months, a real fire breaks out here - a flower festival begins. Edelweiss, aster, golden root, alpine chamomile and other strange plants rush to reveal their petals, spreading the sweet honey aroma.

You can enjoy the local beauty and at the same time improve your health in the resort area, located on a hot radon spring in one of the most picturesque places of the valley.

The gorge is very popular for trekking, horseback riding and excursions are offered to tourists, as well as recreation in the most real yurts.


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