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If you were in Tashkent, but did not visit the TV tower, then you did not see Tashkent. This is the tallest building in Central Asia that broadcasts television and is open to tourists. It is a monument of urban planning in Uzbekistan and ranks 12th in height in the world among television towers. The construction of the tower took 6 years and was solemnly opened in January 1985.

The tower can be seen from anywhere in the city, and it itself is in full view, if you look at it from the observation deck at a height of 375 meters! By the way, in the CIS it is ahead only of the Ostankino television tower in Moscow (540 m) and Kievskaya (385 m).

Thanks to its three pillars, the Tashkent TV tower will remain unharmed even with an earthquake measuring up to 9 points!

You can climb to the viewing platform and restaurant by 3-speed elevators (at a speed of at least 5 m / s).

The view from the observation deck offers a truly stunning - interlacing wide and narrow streets, completely covered with greenery, sparkling skyscrapers and small houses, ancient buildings and pompous new buildings.

Having admired this picture a lot, you can spend a wonderful time in a chic restaurant with rotating platforms that make a complete revolution in an hour. You will have time to take a good look at everything and at the same time enjoy delicious dishes of the eastern (blue room) or European (red room) cuisine.

It will be no less interesting to visit the museum, which is also located here, where very interesting exhibitions and expositions regularly take place.


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