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the Uzbekistan

Tashkent is incredibly charming and original - here the oriental flavor of the ancient city, whose age has exceeded two thousand years, and the gloss of the modern metropolis complement each other favorably.

Sparkling skyscrapers and wide avenues, ancient mosques, madrasas and narrow streets interweaving - these combinations lead to a real aesthetic delight.

The most important thing that attracts thousands of tourists here is a huge number of monuments of architecture and art: Kukeldash Madrassah, Sheihantaur and Zangi-ata complexes, Hazret Imam ensemble, Jami Mosque, Tillya-Sheikh and many others. Most of them were restored and have exactly the same appearance as hundreds of years ago. And in local museums there are always exhibitions and expositions that paint the history, culture and life of Uzbekistan in colors.

You can strengthen your impression of Tashkent by visiting Eastern markets, stunning with the abundance of everything in the world, and having tasted amazingly delicious dishes of national cuisine.

A pleasant addition for guests of the city will be amazing nature and several recreation areas with ski resorts just 80 km from the capital. Here three mountain rivers merge together - Ugam, Chatkal and Pskem, whose waters form a huge artificial reservoir Charvak surrounded by high mountains with slopes covered with coniferous forest. Incredibly scenic views and the opportunity to enjoy a beach holiday - this is exactly what a tourist needs after exploring the hot, noisy and hospitable Tashkent!

The ancient city of Uzbekistan
2200 years

2,55 million

The sun is shining
300 days a year

Tasty and
inexpensive food

SKYWAY tours

Tours in Tashkent

4 Days / 3 nights|106600 KZT

Weekend in Almaty

1 Day|from 28900 KZT

Excursion to the Korgalzhyn nature reserve

2 Days/ 1 Night|14500 KZT

Tour to the hot springs (on Saturdays)

1 Day|12100 KZT

Following the antiquity

1 Day|10 500 KZT

Excursion to Assy plateau and Turgen waterfall

2 Days/ 1 Night|24 000 KZT

Excursion to the Tekes waterfall and Tuzkol lake

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SKYWAY places


”Baikonur” cosmodrome

Shahi-Zinda Mausoleum complex

Bibi-Khanym mosque

Ulugbek observatory

Ichan-Kala fortress

Registan square

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