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Perhaps the most atmospheric place of any eastern city, a noisy concentrate of bargaining people, spicy flavors and bright goods is the market (aka the bazaar). The name of the bazaar "Chorsu" is translated as "four waters", since the market is located at the crossroads of 4 wide streets.

In Tashkent, you can visit Chorsu Bazaar, which has seen many great khans, nations and states in its lifetime, its age has exceeded several hundred years. Let it now and more modern look, but still its architecture as close as possible to the original - the same blue domes “floating” in the air, protecting merchants and buyers from heat and dust.

The most interesting and rich goods, as a rule, are concentrated in the main building.

You will immediately see it - a powerful dome structure completely covered with ornate ornament. The diameter of the dome structures exceeds 80 meters.

Try to bypass as many malls and pavilions as possible, because there is everything! Juicy fruits, spices, hundreds of types of stunning oriental sweets, even more kinds of nuts and dried fruits, souvenirs, clothes, jewelry, fragrant oils and a million more interesting things.

Prices for all this are usually extremely low, you can also taste different goodies first and only then buy. We also reveal a little secret to you - you don't have to pay the price immediately. Be sure to bargain (only politely) and you see, smiling sellers will make a generous discount, and even give something as a gift!

Skyway places

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