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The Palace of Peace and Accord is a complex of architectural structures, a unique creation of architecture. It is located on the artificial hill of the city of Nur-Sultan.

The pyramid-shaped palace was solemnly opened on September 2, 2006. Its length is 62 meters, the area of 25.5 thousand m². The castle, built of steel and stone, has become a world center of spiritual understanding. The exterior of the building is pyramid-shaped, and the central domed hall of the palace was built as a hall in the UN Security Council in New York.

In the Palace of Peace and Accord are People's Assembly, the Center for Interethnic and Interreligious Consent, the Museum, the University, a large central atrium and a winter garden. Also there are exhibition and conference halls, a concert hall for 1500 spectators and an opera hall. The building of the palace was built with the weather forecast, the main entrance is underground.

The Palace of Peace and Accord was built by the Turkish construction company, designed by the world-famous architect Norman Foster project named "Sembol Inshaat" to hold congresses of leaders of World and traditional religions. The main feature of this complex is a building built on the principle of the golden Fibonacci section. The interiors are made in coarse gold tones and are equipped with modern equipment, which makes it possible to carry out professional work at the international level.


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