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The museum is one of the main objects of "EXPO-2017", attracting a lot of attention, both local and foreign guests.

The largest amount of matter in our Universe is represented as hydrogen (H2), which is the main source of light and heat in the Universe. So here, passing a tour of the museum you will get acquainted with the cosmic world, full of secrets and mysteries inhabited by billions of stars in billions of galaxies. Each of the 8 floors of the museum has its own theme.

The top floor is the Future Astana (ex-Nur-Sultan). Here are projects to generate energy from alternative sources, as well as wind, sun and water. In the future, only a fifth of the energy will come from non-renewable sources.

The seventh floor is represented by the "Energy of the Cosmos". Space exploration is the main theme of this floor. Also here is the attraction "Walk on the Moon."

The sixth floor represents the energy of the sun. A film about astrophysics is shown inside a ball set here. Also here is the thermonuclear reaction simulator «The Solar Tree».

The fifth floor is about wind energy. Interesting facts are collected for visitors about how tornadoes and polar lights appear.

The fourth floor is devoted to biomass energy, which attracts the close attention of young visitors, and also gives them the opportunity to conduct interesting experiments in an interactive laboratory and learn a lot of informative information in the field of biology.

The third floor is also popular with young visitors and is dedicated to kinetic energy. Here is a sample of one of the ways to get energy - bicycle generators. Also, visitors will be able to find out how a simple movement of a key can start a complex mechanism, like a car.

The second floor is dedicated to the "Energy of Water". One of the elements whose energy was used in antiquity in the national economy as a watermill, aqueduct and fountain.

The first floor is represented by a pavilion of 5000 square meters. It is divided into two zones telling about the history and culture of the country and about new developments in the field of energy.

You will see different types of alternative energy and how they are applied, and you can also enjoy the view of the whole city from a viewing platform at an altitude of 80 meters, located at the very top of the museum.

The museum is a unique building in the world, because it is made in the form of a sphere, whose diameter is 80 meters. The entire power unit of the building is powered by electricity produced by solar panels and two silent wind generators, which makes the building one of the cleanest in the world.


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