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The largest museum in the country and the largest in Central Asia, has an extraordinary shape and was built on the main square of the capital on the territory of 10 hectares in 2014. A unique museum complex with a total area of 74 thousand square meters consists of 7 blocks.

The museum includes 11 halls with a total area of 14 thousand square meters.

The hall of Nur-Sultan (Astana) is represented by materials placed in chronological order, which allows visitors to learn in order of the history of the city from ancient times to modern times.

The history hall gives visitors the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the history of the Kazakh people, to learn the fateful and historical moments that led to the current state of the country.

The Hall of Gold is a treasure chest and a repository of unique valuable finds found throughout the country. The exposition of the hall every year becomes more and more, replenishing with artifacts made of gold and precious metals.

The ethnography hall is devoted to the material and spiritual culture of the Kazakh people. Here are presented various musical instruments, the home of nomadic Kazakhs (kiiz ui) and much more.

Exhibits of the museum for the study of cultural heritage are the subjects of various excavations of the Research Institute.

Unique items that lure tourists from all over the world are represented in this museum, the cultural heritage of the Kazakh people, paraded in museums of different countries: the world-famous “Golden Man” is stored here, as well as the finds of the ancient cities of Otyrar, Turkestan, Taraz, etc.

Inside you can find a large number of rooms in various directions, both for amateurs and professionals: a children's museum and children's art center, restoration centers, a laboratory, a fund storage, a library with a reading room, a conference room and souvenir kiosks.


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