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A visit to the main symbol of Nur-Sultan, the Baiterek monument, located in the center of the left bank, will undoubtedly make a vivid impression on the guests.

On the ground floor you can see aquariums and an art gallery with a small number of paintings, as well as a cafe here.

And on the very top floor of the observation deck there is a beautiful panorama of the Left Bank of the capital, both in the daytime and in the evening.

Located at an altitude of 105 meters, Baiterek is amazing, it overlooks Nurzhol Boulevard, the administrative center, starting from the Presidential Palace to the Khan Shatyr shopping center.

For the first time, representatives of 17 religions committed a common prayer at the top level of Baiterek, confirming the title of Nur-Sultan as “the city of the world”.

Skyway places

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