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Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve is called the “Pearl of the Land”. This is one of the largest reserves of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Korgalzhyn district of the Akmola region located 130 kilometers from Nur-Sultan on the territory of 543 thousand hectares is also included in the UNESCO heritage list and created April 16, 1968. The reserve is aimed at the implementation of measures for the preservation and development of the natural habitat and the development of biological diversity and genetic resources of natural processes, exemplary and unique ecosystems, flora and fauna.

On the territory of the reserve there are 123 large and small lakes, among which are large: Tengiz and Korgalzhyn. Tengiz in Russian means "sea". Its uniqueness is that the salinity of the lake exceeds even the salinity of the ocean. The depth of the lake is about 7 m, and the area is more than 1000 square km. Small islands are dotted over the water surface and are a natural protector for migratory birds from land-based predators. And Korgalzhyn is a freshwater lake.

The reserve has 347 species of birds. 41 species of birds are included in the Red Book of Kazakhstan and 26 species in the International Red Book. In the reserved flora, there are 443 species of floral plants.

In the 1960s, the number of flames in the reserve ranged from 45,000 to 60,000, and in 2000 - only from 10 to 15,000. The “Chronicle of Nature” diary has been written for many years. The winter temperature is 41-42ºС, and in July the temperature reaches 38-39ºС.

You can get to the reserve by bus or personal transport from Nur-Sultan to the village of Korgalzhyn. The reserve is located 200 meters from the bus station at the place of arrival.


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