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Located near the famous hotel “Rixos Borovoe”, near the lake Shchuchye, this entertainment complex will dip its visitor into a fairy tale and give a sense of magic. After all, here you will meet many fantastic characters and the main character of Christmas and New Year - Santa Claus.

There is a piece of magic for everyone in this place. You can visit the residence of Santa Claus, where he is always happy for new visitors, and take a photo as a keepsake, get candy and a coin for good luck, and also see the seven wonders of the world, with the help of a magical portal located right in the house of Santa Claus. For fans of quests, special tasks are provided, after which you will receive the title "Elf - a real helper of Santa" and take part in master classes: "Making a Gift" and "Making a Snow Figure."

In the souvenir shop you can keep a piece of the magic of this place. And for those closest to you, you can yourself make a gift by giving free rein to your creativity and imagination in the “Workshop of Gifts”. As they say, the best gift - made with your own hands!

Visit the shaman's village and meet with the shaman in his hut, where he will hold for you the "Rite of Fulfillment of Desires", ride on reindeer and dog sledding, skiing, skating, on a camel, on a pony, and on modern vehicles for quadrocycles, snowmobiles, all this can be done right here. After active entertainment, the restaurant of Eastern and European cuisine opens its doors for you.

Also next to the house of Santa is the "Ice Town", in which the masters create amazing figures from the ice, which are replenished every year with samples on various subjects.


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