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The amazing gorge of multicolored clay and sandstone is located near the southern coast of Issyk-Kul, near the village of Tosor, about 5 km from the main road.

Getting there is very easy and this makes the “surprise effect” even stronger - it seems that this is the surface of some other planet, for example Mars, but not the Earth.
Having overcome a canyon the color of a burnt brick, a real natural miracle opens up to the gaze - a fabulous city of intricate castles, towers and statues, all kinds of animals and strange creatures.

You might think that all the same it was done by human hands, but no - clay and sandstone are very malleable to the action of rain, wind and sun.

Here is the canyon "The Wall of China", stretching for 5 kilometers and as if protecting the chambers of local animals and castles made of clay, created by nature itself.

However, not only the local relief strikes the imagination - the color of the sculptures also vary from glowing scarlet to rich yellow or slightly orange. This is already influenced by climatic conditions, so no matter how many times you come here, the “fabulous” canyon will look different.

Be sure to grab good cameras here - the pictures are really unusual and very original!

Do not forget to bring sunglasses, sunblock, headdress (hat, cap) and comfortable shoes (sneakers or gumshoes). After a walk through the canyon, you can turn to Issyk-Kul Lake, a great place to relax and swim.


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