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The mountain pearl of Kyrgyzstan, the largest closed-lake in the country, the pride of the locals and a favorite tourist destination. The uniqueness of the lake is that it does not freeze even in winter, therefore it was called Issyk-Kul. Translated into Russian means "warm lake." It lies at an altitude of more than 1.5 km above sea level, so the climate is milder here than in other regions, there is no arid heat. The length of the lake reaches 180 kilometers in length and up to 70 kilometers in width, which makes it possible to see it even from space. The deepest place in the lake is about 670 m, and the average depth is 300 m.

Mention of it can be found in the works of many poets and writers, but no words and epithets can describe its beauty - an exceptionally clear lake with azure water, surrounded on all sides by the mighty slopes of the Northern Tien Shan: Kyungoy-Ala-Too and Terskey Ala-Too .

In the lake you can find 21 kinds of fish, of which 14 are endemic (found only in a certain area). About 90% of the total fish population of the lake is Issyk-Kul chebak.

In 2006, a research was conducted on the bottom of the lake and traces of an ancient civilization that inhabited these lands 2500 years ago were found.

And the air here is absolutely stunning, filled with the scent of flowers, pine needles and salt water. All amenities are created for tourists on the coast - excellent hotels for every taste and budget, a huge number of cafes and eateries, where you can try national food, and of course, all kinds of water activities, a water park and attractions. In a short distance from the lake is the Stone Garden. It is possible to ride on a 70m high Ferris wheel in Cholpan Ata. For lovers of extreme sports: surfing, hiking in the caves and parachuting. In the south of the lake there is an unspoilt coast with beautiful waterfalls.

Issyk-Kul is gaining more and more popularity every year, attracting tourists not only with stunning nature, but also with wonderful service combined with very attractive prices.

To get to the lake is best with Bishkek. In the capital there is a railway station and an airport, which arrives from 10 planes per day from different cities of different countries. Local public transport runs from the airport to Bishkek. And from Bishkek to the resort towns ply minibuses and buses.


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