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The Esil River Embankment, dividing the old city and the new one, is one of the most favorite places of the city residents and its guests: a leisurely flow of the river, picturesque panoramas of the city, street musicians, artists, children's attractions. An excellent opportunity to see the city is to take a boat trip on the Esil River and see Nur-Sultan from the other side.

In warm weather, you can walk along the river and along the pedestrian bridge over the Esil River, which surprises with its design in the form of petals that create a marquee-canopy. In total, there are 2,450 petals in the design, and each of them is unique and does not repeat.

And on holidays there are mass celebrations, concerts, water shows, fairs and fireworks.

Another feature of the embankment is the Arbat. Here are located 14 yurts with craft shops and artists' workshops.

In winter, the embankment reincarnates into a large skating rink, where everyone can ride, rent snowmobiles, and ride on a roller coaster.

Skyway places

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