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Domalak-Ana Mausoleum is an architectural monument. It is located on the sunny Karatau area, in the valley of the Balabogen River. The mausoleum was built at the burial site of Nuril Ali Slankiza, known as Domalak-Ana. Nurila is an Arabic word, translated into Kazakh as "divine light." Nurila (Domalak-Ana) is the third wife of Baidibek-Ata, a respected commander and wise biy.

Thanks to her wisdom, Domalak-Ana contributed to the peaceful prosperity of her people. Historical records provide many details about the morality, ethics, rationality, truthfulness of Domalak-An, as its name suggests.

Domalak-Ana is considered the mother of all peoples living in Zhetysu, Aulie Ata, Shymkent and Tashkent. Once in a dream, Domalak-Ana sees her future betrothed Baidibek-Ata, who urges her to return to her homeland Karatau.

Domalak-Ana spends his last days in Karatau and dies during prayer. In 1456, the grandson of Domalak-Ana Dulat, begins construction of a four domed mausoleum at the place of his mother’s burial.

A famous architect from Bukhara Abdullah Sherry was invited to the construction of the mausoleum. For centuries, the Domalak-Ana mausoleum was rebuilt several times and did not retain its true appearance.

Today, in the mausoleum of many ancient manuscripts and is a sacred place. Domalak-Ana Mausoleum is very popular with tourists and pilgrims, as it is one of the key attractions of the Turkestan region.


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