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In the Akmola region, on the Kokshetau Upland, there is the famous resort of Borovoe - in Kazakh Burabay. In the resort area there are several lakes, the most famous of which is Lake Borovoe.

Surrounded by coniferous forest and mountains, the lake lies at an altitude of 480 meters above sea level. Tourists come to Borovoe all the year round, in summer season they sunbathe on the sandy beaches and swim in the lake, and in the winter time they ski on the slopes of the local mountains.

The resort is very popular “koumiss” treatment. Koumiss prepared by fermenting fresh mare or camel milk. In ancient times, this sour-milk carbonated drink was called the “Heroes’ drink”, because the mare's milk gives vigor and strength.

Travelers float on boats and speedboats across the lake - there is a stunning view of the Kokshetau mountain, which rises 947 meters above the lake. In the picturesque Blue Bay there is a stone island - the rock Zhumbaktas. The island consists of weathered layers of granite, tourists love to stop here and take pictures.

Borovoe resort is a comfortable place for tourists with different budgets. Hotels of various categories from 2-3 stars to the prestigious international brand Rixos Borovoe are ready to receive guests.

Borovoe resort is one of two places in Kazakhstan where gambling business is officially allowed. Casinos of various classes provide their services to guests from Nur-Sultan and tourists.


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