10 great gift ideas!

Learn nomadic traditions, savor the flavors of local dishes and adorn yourself with the cultural symbols of this amazing country!

Thinking of what to bring from Kazakhstan? Looking for the best souvenirs that will give you unforgettable memories of your trip?


Read on - we have prepared for you a delightful collection of unique and authentic souvenirs that capture the essence of Kazakhstan's rich cultural heritage.



What to bring as a gift?



1. Kazakhstan chocolate Kazakhstan is famous for its delicious chocolate, distinguished by its exceptional quality and unique flavors. Made from the best cocoa beans, Kazakhstani chocolate will please any sweet tooth. Confectionery factories of the country offer a wide range of delicacies - from rich dark to creamy milk chocolate. Whether you want to try classic flavors or bold combinations such as Kazakh honey or traditional spices, the country's chocolate treats are a must-have souvenir that will satisfy a sweet craving.





2. Kurt It is a traditional dried cheese made in Kazakhstan from sheep's milk. It is a favorite snack and one of the main dishes of Kazakh cuisine. The cheese is carefully seasoned and dried, resulting in a firm, salty and flavorful product. It is a universal appetizer that can be eaten on its own or used as an ingredient for cooking various dishes. Its long shelf life and unique flavor make it a popular souvenir, allowing visitors to enjoy the authentic taste of Kazakhstan long after their trip.





3. Kamcha It is a traditional whip used by Kazakh horsemen for many centuries. Made of braided horsehair and decorated with colorful tassels, the kamcha is not only a functional tool, but also a symbol of Kazakh culture and horsemanship. This traditional souvenir epitomizes the nomadic heritage and the Kazakh people's strong connection with horses.



4. Dombra It is a traditional stringed instrument of great cultural significance in Kazakhstan. This two-stringed instrument, similar to a lute, has a round body and a long fingerboard. It is often played during traditional Kazakh musical performances and festivals. The intimate melodies of the dombra evoke a sense of pride and nostalgia, reflecting the spirit of the Kazakh people. Purchasing a dombra as a souvenir allows music lovers to join the country's musical heritage and adds a touch of authentic Kazakh culture to any collection.





5. Takiya It is a traditional Kazakh headdress usually worn by men. Made of wool or felt and decorated with skillful embroidery, the takiya is not only a practical accessory to protect from the sun or cold, but also a cultural symbol. It epitomizes Kazakh traditions and identity of the Kazakh people. Buying a takiya as a souvenir is an opportunity to join the local culture and appreciate the craftsmanship of this traditional headdress.



6. Jewish harp or shankobyz The Jewish harp, called shankobyz in Kazakh, is a small musical instrument that produces unique tinkling sounds. The Jewish harp, made of metal or bamboo, is played by holding a muzzle to the mouth. This instrument is deeply rooted in Kazakh folk music and traditions. Purchasing a Jewish harp as a souvenir gives you the opportunity to learn about the traditional music of Kazakhstan and experiment with creating mesmerizing melodies.





7. Jewelry Kazakhstan is known for its exquisite traditional jewelry adorned with intricate patterns and precious stones. From intricate silver necklaces and bracelets to ornate rings and earrings, Kazakhstani jewelry showcases the artistry and skill of local artisans. These meticulously crafted pieces often feature traditional motifs and symbols reflective of Kazakh culture and beliefs.



Ювелирные изделия


8. Kazakh Cognac Kazakhstan has a thriving wine and brandy industry producing exceptional cognac. Made from local grapes and distilled using traditional methods, Kazakh brandy has unique flavors. The rich history of winemaking combined with a favorable climate and fertile soil contribute to the high quality of cognac. A bottle of Kazakh cognac brought home as a souvenir allows you to experience its unique flavor and touch the country's viticultural heritage.





9. Felt products Handmade from sheep's wool, they include rugs, wall hangings and accessories with intricate designs. They showcase the skill and craftsmanship of Kazakh artisans, featuring bright colors and traditional patterns. Purchasing felt products as souvenirs allows you to join the traditions of nomads and the art of felt felting, which is passed down from generation to generation in Kazakhstan.



10. Kazakh souvenir fridge magnets Do you collect fridge magnets when you travel? This is probably one of the easiest souvenirs to buy almost anywhere in the world. Kazakhstan is no exception. You can bring home a wide variety of magnets from different parts of the country.



The best souvenirs of Kazakhstan From Kazakh chocolate and traditional snacks to unique musical instruments, intricate jewelry and exquisite felt products, each item tells its own story and is an embodiment of the skill and craftsmanship of the Kazakh people.

jun 18, 2024

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