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1 day Departure from Almaty - Charyn canyon - lake. Kaindy

2 day Kolsay Lake - Return to the city

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  • Transport service
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Guide-driver services
  • Environmental fees

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  • Personal expences

SKYWAY tours


Kazakhstan is known as the country of the Great Steppe, the birthplace of apples, tulips, the heart of the Silk Road. But the impression of the country will be incomplete if you do not visit the Kolsai Kolderi National Park in the Kungey Alatau mountains in the southeast of the Almaty region, where you can see that this is also the land of amazing lakes. Three beautiful Kolsai lakes are located in one gorge, which is very rare. On the lower lake, where the road leads, you can ride a rowboat. Hiking trails run along its shores, the most popular is to the middle lake.

And in the neighboring gorge there is one of the most mysterious and mystical lakes - Kaindy. Its main feature is dry spruce trunks that rise directly from the water. This is a great place for meditation. Tourists usually stay at the guest houses of the village of Saty, located nearby, which allows them to taste national dishes and brings elements of agritourism to the trip. On the way to Kolsai, you will have an excursion along the Charyn canyon. In autumn, the mountain slopes in the vicinity of the lakes are especially picturesque. They turn into a mosaic of green, yellow and red flowers. So, if you have never been to Kolsai, this season you have the opportunity to try on the turquoise necklace of the Tien Shan.

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