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1 dayArrival in Shymkent

2 dayExcursion "The Lost World of the Aksu River Canyon"

3 dayExcursion around Turkestan

4 dayDeparture

SKYWAY tours

What is included


  • Accommodation (3 nights) based on a delicious breakfast,
  • Group excursion "Turkestan - Touch the history",
  • Group excursion "The Lost World of the Aksu River Canyon"
  • Group transfer,
  • Professional guide services,
  • Entry tickets,
  • Water.

Not included:

  • Meals,
  • Extra excursions,
  • Extra night at the hotel.

SKYWAY tours


Want to visit the deepest canyon of the Ak-Su River in Central Asia?

“The mad waters of Aksu, white with marble sand, rush along the bottom of the gorge with a roar, and no one dares to wade through them: its rapids separated the huge boulders of the conglomerate from the coast, around which the waves, held up by giant stones, crowd. The walls of the canyon, especially where they are especially steep, are often smoothly polished by water, form columns, and below - niches and rounded pits knocked out by water, ”- this is how the Russian soil scientist Sergei Neustroev, who visited here in 1908, described the canyon. For more than 100 years, the canyon has not changed at all and together with us you will see these beauties with your own eyes!

Departure from Shymkent to Aksu-Dzhabaglinsky nature reserve, visiting the deepest canyon of the Ak-Su river in Central Asia.

SKYWAY tours

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    SKYWAY tours

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