Or how to spend a vacation in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is not a classic tourist country with a standard set of entertainment, but an ancient and distinctive land, most of the attractions of which originated thousands of years ago.
It is unlikely that you will see such cordiality and large numbers of sincere smiles anywhere else - the Uzbeks are amazingly hospitable and very open people.

By itself, this country clings to you, literally, from the first minutes: everything seems so ancient, unusual, but at the same time very cozy, one wants to continue to study this Eastern fairy tale without stopping even for a moment.


It warms you up in a magical feeling of national flavor, which is impregnated with everything around, starting from the local architecture and ending with spicy flavors and aromas emerging from small cafes where they cook their favorite national dishes.



The perfect time to travel



Since the climate here is quite hot, you need to choose the time to travel to Uzbekistan with caution. The tourist season lasts from March to November and the main influx is in spring and autumn. In the summer there are also many tourists, but during this period it is a bit hot in here. Let's be frank, it is best to go here in the spring, when the streets smell of sweet blooming apricots, the thermometer does not exceed 20 degrees and there aren't too many tourists.


But do not forget that the holiday Novruz (Eastern New Year) is celebrated in Uzbekistan from March 21 to March 25 and the situation will change dramatically - there will be no room to sneeze on the streets, and even less in hotels and restaurants. It is also very interesting to come here in the autumn, around October-November, when the heat has subsided and the harvest of ripe fruits and berries is in full swing. You can stock up on vitamins for the year ahead.



What cities you should definitely visit



In ancient times, Uzbekistan was one of the largest centers of the Great Silk Road: all caravan routes that connected East Turkestan, China, India, the South Caucasus, Iran, Byzantium and Europe intersected on its territory. You can start with the capital of the country - Tashkent, where the heritage of the past is in perfect harmony with technological progress and civilization.



Then you can go to one of the oldest cities in the world, included in the UNESCO list - Samarkand, founded in the VIII century BC...

It is a must to visit the city-museum of Bukhara, with its huge number of stunning architectural monuments from the times of the Great Silk Road.


The large courtyard of Kalyan Mosque with the blue domes of the Mir-i Arab Madrasah and the Great Minaret on the background, Bukhara, Uzbekistan.


In Khiva, you can literally feel yourself in the pages of a fairy tale about Aladdin - everywhere there are snow-white and azure domes and minarets of numerous mosques, mausoleums, palaces and madrasahs.

Finally, the last one on our list is ancient Termez. The city with the strongest energy, attracting tourists with the ruins of Buddhist temples and unique examples of medieval architecture.



What tourists need to know



One of the local features - Wi-Fi is available in almost all hotels, but it often does not work as well it should. With mobile communications, everything is quite well: at airports, bus stations and other public places you can buy “tourist” SIM cards, with favorable rates for calls and internet access.

Currency exchange is best done at special exchange points with a single official exchange rate (it is illegal to approach street “money changers” offering a more favorable exchange at an unofficial rate). Also note that plastic cards can bu used mainly in the capital and major cities, so always carry cash.



How to get the most impressions?



We will give you some tips on how to do it:







Uzbekistan cuisine - plov, chay, sherbet, manti




Attractions that will shake your imagination



Local attractions, though very ancient, look just amazing! And here are the most photogenic of them:



The rainy weather over the evening Registan square, Samarkand, Uzbekistan.






jul 23, 2024

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