A budget paradise for tourists

Kyrgyzstan is a real storehouse of attractions, entertainment and adventure for every taste and budget! Everyone is welcome here, no matter how much he is willing to spend. Coming here on vacation, do not even think about just lying on the beach all the time - try to delve into this country, get to know it better, visit as many attractions as possible. You will not get a chance - you will be fascinated!

What awaits tourists on arrival in the country?



A well-developed tourism industry, of course! People here are very modern, fluent in two, often even three languages (Kyrgyz, Russian and English) and very, very friendly. Do not hesitate to approach the locals and ask about anything, they will definitely try to help you, even if they do not understand or are in a hurry. There will be no problems with currency exchange, withdrawing funds from bank cards and hot deals on mobile communication - all these issues can be solved right at the airport or somewhere in the regional center.


Free wi-fi is available in almost all public places, so do not worry, you will definitely not lose contact with the outside world when entering Kyrgyzstan, even if you try very hard. There will be no problems with housing either - if the budget is very limited, the local couchsurfers or villagers can shelter you, the people here are amazingly warm and hospitable.  But it is most convenient, of course, to travel with a tour operator who will find the most comfortable hotel or hotel with all the amenities (even in this case you will be very pleased with the local prices).



What to do?



Want a national and nomadic flavor? Go on horseback riding through picturesque places, challenge yourself with falconry or go through a course of Kumis treatment (the ancient healing drink from mare's milk).

Avid fishermen here, too, will have something to do, because almost all the water reservoirs of Kyrgyzstan are suitable for fishing at any time of the year. This pleasure is not expensive at all, while the emotions and excitement will be over the edge!

Do you like water sports? Welcome to the sandy beaches of the crystal clear Issyk Kul! There are well-developed diving and rafting, so if the beach holiday boring, you can always explore the underwater world or rafting on the turbulent mountain rivers.

View to Ruh Ordo cultural complex near Issyk Kul lake at mountains background in Cholpon Ata, Kyrgyzstan


For incorrigible romantics and dreamers, paragliding or even a hot-air balloon would be a great fit. Just imagine what a stunning bird's-eye view one can get!


Fans of the most active recreation, extreme sports and breathtaking scenery should definitely visit the local ski resorts - there are as many as 23 of them here! And the bravest can engage in cave tourism, studying the different levels of cave complexity.



Health and Fitness tourism is also well developed in Kyrgyzstan: local resorts and sanatoriums offer a huge selection of preventive procedures, starting with mud baths and ending with bathing in thermal (hot, mineral) springs.



What do you need to try?



Kyrgyzstan is very generous with nourishing treats: stunning pilaf with tender lamb, crispy Samsa with juicy meat, cold meats, Naryn (national dish similar to Kazakh Beshbarmak), Gulchetai (meat with large pieces of dough, vegetables and spices), lamb in the Tandoor, all kinds of kebabs and nutritious meat soups - all this is a must-try, because they masterfully cook here with love.



Where to go and what to see?






View to Ruh Ordo cultural complex near Issyk Kul lake at mountains background in Cholpon Ata, Kyrgyzstan




Do not forget that in addition to the natural beauty, there are many historical and sacred places that attract thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. Amongst them: historical and cultural complex Manas-Ordo, Burana tower and “Ggarden of Stones”, the Kokand castle and the fortress of Kan, the medieval mausoleum of Shah-Fazil, the stone Palaces of Tash-Rabat and Koshoy-Korgon from the times of the Great Silk Road.


All these places keep their history, have a very powerful energy and an atmosphere of extreme antiquity.


Old Burana tower located on famous Silk road, Kyrgyzstan.

may 26, 2024

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