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Walking along the ancient streets of Samarkand, whose history dates back to the 6th century BC, one can see many different antiquities and magnificent examples of medieval architecture, but its most famous landmark, of course, is Registan Square.

This amazing ensemble consisting of three huge madrasas: Ulugbek madrasah, Sherdor madrasah and Tilla-Kari madrasah, high minarets and majestic portals amazes with its pomp, causing tourists to die in amazement. Together with other ancient architectural and historical buildings of Samarkand entered the UNESCO heritage list in 2001.

The oldest madrasah on the square is the Ulugbek Madrasah, built by an astronomer and grandson of Temirlan Ulugbek in 1420. The construction of this madrasah and the observatory a little later made the city of Samarkand one of the main centers of science in Central Asia.

It is unbelievable that many centuries ago, when there was no modern technology and knowledge, human hands could create something so amazing.

Here, everything is literally covered with an elegant Vyaz ornament, sparkling mosaic, painting and even gilding.

Bright greens richly complement the blue decorations of minarets and the azure domes of mosques, turning the area in the middle of a hot eastern city into a kind of shady oasis. The atmosphere here is incredible, every stone and brick in the wall as if imbued with the breath of antiquity, it literally hovers in the air.

Be sure to take the opportunity to see all this beauty from above, rising to the observation deck of the minaret near the Ulugbek Madrasa.


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