5 reasons to return back

In Kazakhstan, absolutely everything amazes and delights: it is so huge that the endless steppe, the mountains, propping up their snowy peaks in the clouds, the deep canyons with caves, the lifeless desert, where you can hear only a quiet whisper of sand, all perfectly coexist with each other.

Kazakhstan is an amazing country of nomads, eternal wanderers, reincarnated into a modern powerful state, with a stable developing economy and a confident future, but at the same time retaining the charm of antiquity and a unique identity. You should definitely come here to feel its powerful energy, immerse yourself in a journey through historical places and just enjoy your vacation in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

Reason # 1. Seven natural wonders of Kazakhstan



In fact, there are much more wonders, but a whole book is needed in order to describe everything. That is why we have identified the most stunning and picturesque places, which are proudly called wonders for a reason. Ready? Then let's start!











Reason # 2. Breath of history



Kazakh people appreciate and respect their history, honor and remember their great ancestors. Each city has a local history Museum with details of the history of its native land, supporting the facts with precious exhibits and thematic exhibitions.

The Great Silk Road, through which rich caravans from Asia and Europe transited through the Kazakh steppes, had a considerable influence. Cities that arose on its branches, were centers of culture, economy and development of the ancient nomadic state. Students from all over the country came to study in Sairam, Otrar, Yassi, Taraz and Suyab, where great philosophers and educators lived.


In many respects, thanks to the Silk Road and its cities, many lifestyle foundations, mentality, moral and cultural values have been preserved to this day. The thousand-year-old lifestyle of the Kazakhs with all their charm and originality can be felt in the so-called ethno-villages and Auls, where the way of life of their nomadic ancestors has been perfectly recreated.

There you can hunt with a golden eagle or a falcon, practice archery, enjoy a horse ride, spend the night in the traditional dwelling of nomads - a Yurt, taste the legendary Beshbarmak and other national dishes.



Reason # 3. A country where you can try everything



Hard to believe? Well, Kazakhstan definitely has something to surprise your taste buds. Because of its amazing multinational culture, it contains almost all the cuisines of the world - European, Asian, pan-Asian, Eastern, American, in general everything that you may want. Everyone's favorite street food is also present here in all its diversity.


But the icing on the cake is, of course, the Kazakh cuisine - nourishing, fragrant, rich in meat, flour and dairy products. By the way, this feature is explained by the nomadic way of life of the ancient tribes, who had to survive without the products of settled agriculture most of their time.



Restaurants of Kazakh haute cuisine are gaining popularity among tourists. Here, the traditional dishes of nomads, many of which are more than a hundred years old, are served in exquisite modern interpretation, and makes them more like works of art than food.



Reason # 4. Metropolis in the middle of the steppe



Most modern cities of Kazakhstan are striking in their size, highly developed infrastructure and amenities, but among them there is only one that has received worldwide fame and honorary status as “City of the World”. This is Nur-Sultan, which has become the most beautiful high-tech capital of the country in just 20 years. Its very existence and expansion to such a scale has already become a phenomenon.  Miles of endless steppe surround it on all sides. But the city itself is green to the point of impossibility and stunningly beautiful: at every step there are fountains and parks, plantations, alleys, all in flowers and trees, and a beautiful embankment that divides Nur-Sultan into two halves.



The left part is more like a city of the future, with its brilliant skyscrapers of all shapes and colors, while the right part of the city seems to transfer you into the atmosphere of the XIX-XX century, full of monuments of architecture and art. The atmosphere of Nur-Sultan is amazing, the city lives and breathes. Here, every cell of the body feels the unusual uniqueness of the young Kazakh capital.



Reason # 5. Straight to the space



Who doesn’t wonder with childlike curiosity and awe what secrets lies hidden in the deep space of the universe? Unfortunately, not everyone can be an astronaut, but it is quite possible to visit the world's first and largest Baikonur Space Center. It is here that the launch pad No. 1, also called the "Gagarin’s Start", from where the first rocket and the first artificial earth satellite were launched, is located. To date, it has made more than 600 flights into space. A safe observation deck has been organized nearby, from where one can watch the rockets launching into space.


In addition, a huge Museum of the History of Space Exploration, with over 1000 valuable exhibits, as well as an extremely spectacular outdoor exhibition with real rocket engines and the space shuttle “Buran”, was opened at the Space Center.



Kazakhstan for those who appreciate



Kazakhstan is a land for those who appreciate the freedom of movement, vast unexplored spaces, untouched nature, exciting trips and experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. The country is enormous and in every corner there is something special that can touch and surprise you to the core of your heart. It is not captured by endless streams of tourists, so you can always find a place to enjoy nature and touch the history in solitude and find harmony with yourself.

Noisy cities with their crazy rhythm will show how cool and joyfully you can have fun in Kazakhstan, but you will always feel the pull to escape from settlements and civilization to go in search of new experiences. The nomadic spirit and that indescribable atmosphere hovers here, that just will not let you sit still.

may 26, 2024

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