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Resort paradise

Even if you are a sophisticated traveler and have been to various parts of the world, this small resort town will still be able to surprise you very pleasantly.

“European-style” comfortable service combined with low prices, ideal climate, stunningly beautiful mountain landscapes, golden beaches, warm Oriental hospitality and the generosity of local residents instantly fall in love tourists with this place.

The location of Cholpon-Ata at a height of almost 2000 meters above sea level in the foothill trail of the Kungei Alatau ridge explains the presence of a special mild climate, without exhausting heat and bad weather, and the air is filled with aromas of pine needles, grasses and coastal breeze. The holiday season begins in May and lasts until October, delighting tourists with perfect weather throughout the 14 weeks.

In addition to the classic beach holiday, the city and its surroundings are able to offer a lot of equally enjoyable and even more interesting entertainment. For example, you can go on horseback to explore the beauty of the Chon-Koy-Suu and Cholpon-Ata gorges, with their stunning alpine meadows and rattling waterfalls.

Diving enthusiasts in Issyk-Kul Bay will face a meeting with the ruins of ancient cities that have gone underwater hundreds of years ago. You can touch history in a rather mystical and sacred place, which is called the Stone Garden. Here, on the territory of 42 hectares, ancient monuments of history and archeology, as well as rock paintings and petroglyphs dating back to the 2nd century BC, are collected.

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Tours in Cholpon-Ata

1 Day|149 USD / 2 PAX

City tour around
Nur-Sultan –
the capital of Kazakhstan

6 Days|625 USD

Innovational tour “Almaty City of Thousand Colors” for a big group from SkyWay!

7 Days|1985 USD / 2 PAX

Photo tour of the wild nature of Zhongar Alatau

24 Days|4990 USD / 2 PAX

Journey through Eurasia

6 Day|1210 USD / 3 PAX

Innovational tour to the two capitals for the hearing impaired people

5 Days|2525 USD / 2 PAX

Create your own love story in Kazakhstan

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Shahi-Zinda Mausoleum complex

Bibi-Khanym mosque

Ulugbek observatory

Ichan-Kala fortress

Registan square

Tashkent TV tower

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