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Electronic visa to Kyrgyzstan


To facilitate the visa application process, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic has launched an electronic visa portal.

To get an electronic short-term visa without visiting a foreign institution in Kyrgyzstan, you can do 2 simple steps: fill out an online application and make a payment.


Countries that do not need a visa to Kyrgyzstan 2020


Visa-free regime to Kyrgyzstan up to 60 days:


Union of australia

State of Kuwait

Republic of Finland

Republic of Austria

Latvian republic

French Republic

Kingdom of Belgium

Republic of Lithuania

Republic of Croatia

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Principality of Liechtenstein

Czech Republic


Kingdom of Sweden

Swiss Confederation

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


Principality of Monaco

Republic of Estonia

Greek republic

New Zealand

State of Qatar

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Kingdom of Norway

Kingdom of Bahrain

Federal Republic of Germany

United Arab Emirates

State of Brunei Darussalam

Kingdom of Denmark

Republic of Poland

Portuguese Republic



The Kingdom of Spain

Italian Republic

Republic of Malta

The Slovak Republic


Republic of Singapore

Republic of Slovenia

The Republic of Korea



Visa-free regime to Kyrgyzstan from 30-90 days:


Ukraine (up to 90 days)

Malaysia (up to 30 days)

Mongolia (up to 90 days)

Uzbekistan (up to 60 days)

Turkey (up to 30 days)